Coir Mulch Rings Sold Throughout the U.S.!

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We have now sold coir mulch rings to everyone in the U.S.!

Coir mulch rings have now been shipped to every state in the U.S. (Except Alaska) and we are currently in negotiations with a nursery in Puerto Rico that wants 50,000 units!  Of course, you don’t need to buy that many–we now offer coir mulch rings in quantities of 10!  You can get 10 12″ coir mats delivered for 20.00 dollars, freight included!  16″ mats are 30.00 with freight, and our 30″ coir mulch rings are 45.00 for 5, freight included!

Coir Mulch Rings are an Excellent Alternative to Mulch!

Coir mulch rings retain water better than mulch, suppress weeds which cannot penetrate the rings, and they last for two growing seasons!  It is a lot easier to apply than mulch, which saves on labor costs when planting trees.  Many engineers have specified our coir mats for use in wetland and reforestation projects.  If you plant a lot of trees, these mats can save you hundreds of dollars in watering costs and they eliminate the need for herbicide spraying or mechanical weeding.  Just plant the tree, put the mat around it, and your’e done!

Coir mats come in all diameters

We currently carry 12″, 16″, and 30″ coir mats but if you need a certain diameter, we can order (bulk only) and they will be direct shipped to you from overseas, saving you a lot of dough!  Major foresters have bought over 160,000 units this way!  We can also work out great pricing on smaller quantities of 50, 100, 500, or 1,000 or more.  Just go to our quote request page, enter the information, and we will have a quote back to you within a day!  It’s that easy!  So check us out at or on Facebook EcoDepot, LLC for more info.  Our products are 100% biodegradable and they taste great!  Just kidding!  We occasionally have sales on our products so be sure to ask!

Erosion Control Matting in Maryland

Our coir mulch rings come in diameters from 6″ to 48″