BioBark™ – Biodegradable Tree Shelters

Promotes natural growth of young trees & protects trees from deer, rodents and other wildlife damage. This truly is the only 100% Biodegradable Tree Shelter on the market today.

BioBark™ is a revolutionary biodegradable tree shelter that protects young trees from deer and other aggressive and detrimental wildlife.

  • Protects newly planted trees from deer and other nuisance wildlife while allowing your tree to develop in a natural setting.
  • 100% BIODEGRADABLE! BioBark™ tree shelters are made of Acacia wood and will biodegrade in normal field conditions within 3 – 5 growing seasons.
  • Unlike other plastic-based tree shelters, BioBark biodegradable tree shelters will degrade and leave no hydrocarbon-based plastic residue behind.
  • The first “all-in-one” biodegradable tree shelter has 4 built in stakes that are inserted into the ground with no need for additional tools or materials to complete installation.
  • There is no need to return to the job site and remove the tree shelter in a few years, as it will biodegrade and decompose naturally in the environment.

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Product Code Size Qty/Box Weight Dimensions
BB-36 36″ tall (installed) 20/Bundle 90 48 x 19 x 14
BB-48 48″ tall (installed) 20/Bundle 120 60 x 19 x 14

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BioBark biodegradable tree shelter Info Sheet: General Information on our biodegradable BioBark tree shelters

BioBark Spec Sheet: This spec sheet can be added to any plan set requiring tree shelter