EcoMatting™ – Biodegradable Erosion Control Matting

100% Biodegradable erosion control matting used for Slope Stabilization, Sediment Control and Erosion Control.

Erosion Control Matting in Maryland

Erosion control matting provides excellent moisture retention for faster germination!

EcoMatting™ is 100% Biodegradable Geotextile Coir Erosion Control Matting used for Slope Stabilization & Erosion Control and Sediment Control.  Coir matting is an excellent way to prevent slope erosion.  All of our coir matting comes with spec sheets and is approved in several states and jurisdictions.  Coir is an excellent growth medium.  Coir has a neutral pH and has excellent moisture retention.  No plastic netting that can get caught in lawnmower blades or tires.  Our erosion control matting is made from the highest quality long coir hairs that won’t fall apart, insuring your project will maintain it’s effectiveness.

  • Simply prepare the slope, apply your seed & install the coir matting.  Vegatation grows through fabric.
  • Will fully biodegrade in 3-5 years leaving no plastic material behind.
  • Used for Erosion & Sediment Control, Slope/Bank Stabilization and Seeding Projects
  • Available in Rolls – 120 sq/yd (6.6’ x 164’)
  • Available Densities: 400 gr/m2 , 700 gr/m2  and  900 gr/m2
Product Code Size Qty/Box Weight Dimensions
EM-400 400 1 88 lbs. 120 sq/yd
EM-700 700 1 154 lbs. 120 sq/yd
EM-900 900 1 199 lbs 120 sq/yd

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EcoMatting 400 Erosion Control Matting Spec Sheet
EcoMatting 400 Spec Sheet

EcoMatting 700 Erosion Control Matting Spec Sheet
EcoMatting 700 Spec Sheet

EcoMatting 900 Erosion Control Matting Spec Sheet
EcoMatting 900 Spec Sheet

EcoMatting Erosion Control Matting Installation
Tips on the installation of EcoMatting for Erosion and Sediment Control