EcoTwine™ Coir Twine

Coir Twine for use with EZ-Log installation

Coir EcoTwine™ is used for tying coir logs together end to end for stream bank stabilization. Potentially has many other uses as an alternative eco-friendly rope/twine.  Twine can be used in the hops/vineyards industry.  It is extremely durable and can be used in a variety of ways!  Check out this product and all of our other products on our website.  You can quickly get a quote request for this product or others using our easy online quote request form.  You can also call us at 410-451-4400!

  • Strong, durable but still 100% biodegradable!
  • Used to connect/tie coir logs end to end before being staked.
  • Coir twine will biodegrade with the coir log as it creates a living shoreline.
  • Potentially has many other uses!
  • Great alternative to plastic ropes!
  • Comes in 500′ lengths / 8mm gauge.

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Product Code Size Qty/Box Weight
85690 500′ x 8mm 1 6 lbs.

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Coir twine and Mats for Tree Erosion Control- Maryland

Coir twine for use with coir logs or the vineyards/hops industry