Coir Log Distributor–EcoDepot, LLC!

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EcoDepot, LLC is the coir log distributor to work with!

EcoDepot is one of the largest coir log distributor in the U.S.  We ship our coir logs across America!  From the Southeast to the Northwest, EcoDepot is the coir log distributor of choice!  Residential or commercial, our prices can’t be beaten.  We work with freight companies to provide you with the lowest shipping rates around.  Whether it is one log or one hundred, we are the coir log distributor to call.  Our coir logs come pre-drilled every two feet for easy installation.  You can request a quote online or call our friendly sales staff to assist.  Many of our staff are former coir log installers so they can answer any questions you may have.

EcoDepot is looking for coir log distributor in the Northeast and Midwest

If you are interested in becoming an EcoDepot authorized coir supplier ,contact us.  Easy buy-in terms help to make your business grow!  We have a broad customer base throughout the United States.  Our EZ Log coir logs are unique to the industry.  No one else sells a pre-drilled coir log.  This saves countless man hours when installing stakes or live plantings.

We are not just a coir log distributor

EcoDepot supplies all kinds of coir products including coir matting, coir tree mats, and coir mulch matting.  If you would like to become a coir log distributor, it is very simple.   No expensive buy-ins.  You can determine your inventory and how much you wish to stock.   Coir logs have become a popular way to stop erosion on shorelines of ponds, lakes, and even ocean shores.   Coir logs provide an excellent growing environment for native plants and grasses.  Cost effective and aesthetically pleasing to the eye–much better than industrial rip-rap and easier to install.

Coir logs & erosion control matting-Eco Depot

Coir log distibutor EcoDepot heading to Pennsylvania