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All sizes of our coir logs for sale!!

EcoDepot, LLC is overstocked on all sizes of our coir logs.  We have coir logs for sale at very low prices!  Our coir logs for sale come with pre-drilled holes every two feet!  This saves on labor costs.  If you have ever tried to drive a hardwood stake through a coir log, you will appreciate these holes.  You can also place live plantings in these holes.  Coir is an excellent growing medium.  Our coir logs for sale come in 12×10, 12×20, 16×10, 16×20, and 20×10 sizes.

Coir logs for sale can be delivered anywhere in the U.S.!

New contracts with freight companies allow us to sell our coir logs for sale across the country!  With our prices being so low you will find our coir logs for sale competetive with local suppliers even with freight figured in.  From Michigan to New York, Louisiana to Indiana, our coir logs for sale are a big hit!  A customer in Connecticut just bought 120 of our 16×10 coir logs!  Another customer in Florida is placing an order for 10 of each of our sizes of coir logs!

Distributorships available!

EcoDepot is looking for distributors across the country for our products!  If you are interested in becoming an EcoDepot supplier you can contact us directly for more details!  We currently have dealers in VA and MD but we would like to set up a hub in the mid-west.

Our coir logs for sale are high quality and approved in several states!

All of our coir products are very high quality!  Some suppliers sell low quality coir products using low-grade material.  When purchasing coir products you must make sure the coir material is suitable.  Look for long strands of coir husk in your logs or matting.  This insures that the coir product will last longer and hold together.

Erosion Control Matting in Maryland

Our EZ Logs come pre-drilled. Here, 16×10 logs are laced along a shoreline in Michigan

Erosion Control Matting in Maryland

Coir logs for sale heading to Pennsylvania

Erosion Control Matting in Maryland

You can plant live stakes directly into coir logs for sale