EcoDepot on The Today Show for Earth Day

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– Eco Depot was interviewed by WGAL TV for a segment on Earth Day. WGAL will share the segment with The Today Show airing 4/14/2023 in the 9:00 hour. WGAL was specifically interested in the Coir Logs, asking how they’re being used to fight erosion along stream embankments and along the coastlines. Vegetation is the key to making the Coir Logs work so well. Coir logs work hand-in-hand with the grasses or native plants by establishing the area. Eventually the coir logs will biodegrade, but the plants root system will continue to protect the embankments. Not only does the vegetation establish the embankment and control the runoff, but it is also good for the wildlife that live in and around it. Studies have found that juvenile blue crabs and small fish thrive in the native grasses around our Chesapeake Bay. Let’s keep the crabs and fish flourishing by planting more native grass.

You can view the full segment HERE.