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Mulch Matting effective in weed control and moisture retention

Our mulch matting, known as EcoRoll, is an excellent way to supress weeds and retain moisture.  EcoRoll mulch matting is made of 100% coir fiber, which is totally organic.  Coir is well known for its moisture retention.  This solid needle punched fabric is 1000 gram density, which keeps weeds from growing around hops vines, trees, grape vines.  It can also be used in bio-retention facilities in lieu of mulch.  Mulch matting will last for two growing seasons.  You will save on mechanical weeding or herbicides.  You will also save on watering costs.  The hops and viticulture industry is very interested in our products.  Iowa State University is conducting tests on our product right now and results so far have been outstanding.

Mulch Matting can be customized for your application

The standard size for our EcoRoll mulch matting is 39″ by 83 feet.  This roll can be customized to suit your needs.  Ruppert Nurseries has over 84,000 trees they will protect using a 4’x50′ roll with slits cut halfway in to fit around their trees.  No more need to weed whack around vines or trees which can damage the base of the plant.  Watering costs are reduced by 50% or more.  Ground evaporation is reduced as well.  Take a look at our brochure  HOPS and NURSERIES MULCH MATTING.  Our mulch matting is the same material that is used in our popular coir tree mats.  You will be amazed at how much money you will save with our mulch matting!

Mulch Matting and other products can be ordered online

Check out our easy quote request feature on our website to get a quote or more information on mulch matting or our other products.  You can also call directly at 410-451-4400 to speak to one of our sales agents who can assist you.  EcoDepot delivers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Erosion Control Matting in Maryland

Our mulch matting is easy to install and lasts for two growing seasons