Soil Lift 1000 equivalent to Koir Wrap 1000

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Why buy Koir Wrap 1000 when you can use Soil Lift 1000

We are proud to announce the addition of Soil Lift 1000 to our product line.  Soil Lift 1000 meets or exceeds the specs of Koir Wrap 1000, and because we buy such large quantities, we are able to pass the savings on to you!  All of our coir products are of the highest quality and they are specified and certified in many states across the U.S.  Our price on Soil Lift 1000 is less expensive than Koir Wrap 1000, which can save you money, and help you win your bid!

Soil Lift 1000 and Koir Wrap 1000 are excellent ways of restoring streambanks

Soil Lifts have become a very popular method to restore eroded stream banks.  Soil Lift 1000 is used to step back the eroded bank in one foot lifts, with the fabric covering or enveloping the soil.  The coir allows vegetation to grow in these steps, which aid in reducing erosion.

Koir Wrap 1000 Erosion Control Matting

Soil Lift 1000 is a great way to prevent erosion along stream banks and is less expensive than Koir Wrap 1000

   You can get quotes easily for Soil Lift 1000 and our other products

There are two ways to receive a quote…you can call directly at 410.451.44000 or use our handy online quote request form to ask for info or a quote for Soil Lift 1000 or any of our other coir products.  We will respond within 24 hours.