Soil Lift 1000 equivalent to Koir Wrap 1000

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Soil Lift 1000 meets or exceeds specs of Koir Wrap 1000

EcoDepot is proud to announce our new product Soil Lift 1000.  This special matting is used for encapsulated soil lifts.  Our product meets or exceeds the specifications of Koir Wrap 1000.  Soil lifts are used for severely eroded stream banks.  This technique is gaining popularity throughout the U.S.  Soil Lift 1000 comes in a 13 foot by 82.5 foot roll (120 square yards)

We buy in bulk to make our product less expensive than Koir Wrap 1000

Since we buy in large quantities, we can offer Soil Lift 1000 and all of our other coir products for a lower price than Koir Wrap 1000.  The quality of all of our coir products is excellent!  All of our products are specified in many states, and we ship throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Call today to see how you can save $$ over Koir Wrap 1000

We can give you quick turnaround on quotes for Soil Lift 1000, coir matting, coir logs, or coir tree mats.  Be sure to call at 410.451.4400 or use our handy online quote request to see how you can save