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Coir logs made easy with EZ Logs!!

EcoDepot is selling coir logs at a rapid pace!  Negotiations with our manufacturers allow us to pass on our savings on to our customers!  Our coir logs are pre-drilled which saves on installation costs.  Holes every two feet allow for easy stake installation.  If you’ve ever tried to pound a 2×2 stake through a solid  log, you will appreciate the pre-drilled holes!  We are shipping our EZ Logs throughout the United States!  Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Connecticut, Texas have all received shipments recently.  We are striving to become the largest supplier of biodegradable coir products in the U.S.  We are always looking for distributors in the mid-west, south, and northeast region.  Coir logs are used for stream bank and lake shore rehabilitation projects.  You can plant directly into the lo to create a vegetated stream bank.  Coir logs, or bio-logs, are more aesthetically pleasing than rip-rap or gabion basket.  Many of our customers use our logs along beaches where only natural products are allowed.  Check out the link below for one of many ways to install.

coir log matting in maryland

coir logs come in 12″ 16″ and 20″ diameters

EZ Log Spec 2014

coir logs

You can plant live stakes directly into coir logs