Soil Lift 1000 a great way to stop erosion!

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Soil Lift 1000 is making debut at EcoDepot,LLC!

Soil lifts are an effective way to control erosion along stream banks.  High velocity water flow can severely erode stream banks.  EcoDepot is now offering Soil Lift 1000 (a comparable product to Koir Wrap 1000)  Soil Lift 1000 is made with a single 13.1 foot wide piece of 900 gram coir matting with a jute (burlap) backing.  One roll is 120 sqaure yards This enables installers to create soil lifts,  which are basically steps that graduate back from the base of the stream.   The soil lifts are usually 1 foot in depth and are stepped back 3 to 5 feet to create a gradually sloping stream bank.  Live plantings and cuttings  can be placed directly into the lifts to aid in stabilizing the bank.  Coir is an excellent growing medium with superior moisture retention.  Soil Lift 1000 is 100% biodegradable so there is no harm to the surrounding environment.  The coir comes from the coconut which is a renewable resource.  Coir is widely used in the erosion control field because of it’s durability and moisture retention.  When coir biodegrades it becomes humus which is beneficial to the soil.

Soil Lift 1000 is specified in many states

Our product meets or exceeds the specs outlined in Maryland and Virginia as well as other jurisdictions.  Here is our spec sheet Soil Lift 1000 Spec Sheet.   It matches Koir Wrap 1000 in strength and durability.   Many of our customers use Soil Lift 1000 in conjunction with our other products such as coir matting and our EZ Log coir logs.   You can get a quote for Soil Lift 1000 as well as our other products by filling out our online quote request form or calling us at 410-451-4400.  We will be happy to assist you  with pricing or technical questions.  We look forward to doing business with you in the future for all of your erosion control/wetland needs!

soil lift 1000

Soil Lift 1000 is a great way to prevent erosion along stream banks